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There was a stillness in the air there, in the garden that she kept, like the last of its life had faded away, replaced by some form of sadness.

Rooms of the House

Sometimes the stillness catches me by surprise, and the spaces I occupy cast me back to memories of all these little things, the echoes that remain.


All it took was for the wind to rise, and I was torn apart.

The Sea

I wanted to take your photograph by the sea; your silhouette in sunsets, the waves at your feet, that look of longing for distant shores.

Light Through the Blinds

  Today I watched a narrow beam of light that slipped through the gaps in the blinds crawl across the walls, charting its progress from corner to corner as the sun moved across… Continue reading


  That evening we walked to the end of the pier, a journey we’d practiced a thousand times before, and we watched the waves break against the rocks with a fury, like the… Continue reading


Today I stood beneath the bloom of a cherry blossom by the roadside, staring into the canopy overhead, enthralled by its vibrancy, its life. In a few days its petals will fall, a… Continue reading


You never seemed more comfortable than when you were in the air, like you were searching for something that existed only in those spaces between destinations, those moments where you drew lines across… Continue reading


Light flickers, colours fade, but there is beauty even in decay.


I could have stayed there, lingered on in that place by the water’s edge, watching the sky from beneath a canopy of weeds; there was something in that moment, some sense of serenity,… Continue reading